Savings Account Rate Chart

Savings Rate Chart

global $wpdb;
$savingsrates=$wpdb->get_results("SELECT * FROM banks WHERE savings != ‘0.00’ ORDER BY savings DESC");

foreach ($savingsrates as $savingsrates)

if ($max=="$0") { $max="None"; }
echo ‘
<tr class="’. $number .’ row">
<td class="column-1"><a href="’. $savingsrates->url .’">’. $savingsrates->name .'</a></td>
<td class="column-2">’.$savingsrates->savingsmin .'</td>
<td class="column-3">’. $max .'</td>
<td class="column-4">’. $savingsrates->savings .’%</td>
<td class="column-5"><a href="’. $savingsrates->shortname .’/">Read or Leave Reviews</a></td>
if ($number=="even") { $number="odd"; } else { $number="even"; } }

Bank Name Minimum Deposit Maximum Deposit Annual Percentage Yield (APY) Bank Customer Reviews

The best savings accounts are typically offered at either banks or credit unions. Obtaining money is usually harder to do from a savings account or MMA than it is from a checking account. A checking account allows you to write checks, visit ATMs, or transfer money online. Savings accounts allow transfers but only some allow you to use ATMs with them and none let you write checks to transfer money out of your account. You can use our savings calculator if you want to try to calculate how much you’ll end up saving in your account.

Savings accounts also come with additional rules on how many times a month you can withdraw funds. Banks will handle this rule in different ways. Some will block any withdrawals over the maximum allowed by federal regulations, while others will allow the withdrawal to go through and inform you that you are not in compliance with the regulation. Whether your saving for retirement or a 529 college savings plan you’re going to want the best rate possible.

65% of people in the United States have a savings account and if you don’t have one yet you should consider getting one.

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