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Best Savings and CDs December 12th, 2008

December 22nd, 2008

With the Fed dropping the funds rate to nearly 0%, it’s time for a recap for who’s on top with the best interest rates for savings and CDs for FDIC insured funds.

Best Savings Account
DollarSavingsDirect is the winner of the best savings account with an amazing 4.00% APY.

Best 1 Year CD
FNBO Direct is the short term CD leader with a 9-month CD at 3.75%, a 1-year CD at 4.00%, and a 2-year CD at 4.26%. They also offer a savings account with a competitive APY of 3.25%.

Best 5-Year CD
Washington Mutualis the leader in long term CDs with a 5-year CD going at 5.00%.

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