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This section offers the best interest rates on savings and money market accounts. Savings accounts, unlike CDs, are 100% liquid. Savings accounts are FDIC insured for up to $250,000. They are interest bearing accounts that come with fairly easy access. To calculate your savings use our savings calculator to do calculations on retirement savings or 529 college savings plans.

Savings accounts have characteristics of both checking accounts and certificates of deposit. True savings accounts do not offer check writing abilities; however, most banks circumnavigate this rule by offering money market accounts that are essentially savings accounts with check writing capabilities. High yield savings accounts give many Americans the opportunity to earn a substantial passive income. This is the reason 65% of Americans have a savings account.

Here’s a chart of savings accounts currently available:

Savings Account Rate Chart

US regulations allow 6 withdrawals per month on any savings account. This is why it is advised to also open a checking account in addition to your savings account. There are currently no federal regulations on deposits into a savings account. The interest on a savings account falls under the 1099-INT form, which must be included in all tax returns. For more information on savings accounts and taxes, get our tips on tax savings for more tax saving ideas.

There are plethora of savings accounts that do not come with monthly fees; however, this is not true of all accounts, so you must be vigilant in your quest for the highest savings rates. Many account include a minimum balance fee which is charged to your account when you fall below this threshold. Educate yourself on the terms and conditions of each account you are interested so you may make an informed decision when the time comes to open your next savings account. It is advisable to check your options for online savings accounts before engaging in a local search to compare rates, so you initiate your local search with a set of interest rates to use as a comparison.