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Starter Checks

January 29th, 2010

When someone opens a new checking account they usually get a free set of checks known as starter checks. They give out starter checks to both personal accounts and business accounts. Starter checks aren’t customized at all and only contain the customer’s account number and routing number, but not their personal information. Once you get your set of real checks they will have your name, address, and phone number.

starter checksStarter checks are not considered any different from personalized checks by the banks however. Many people in the real world may be wary of accepting a starter check because it lacks identifying information, so they don’t know if you own the checking account or not. Some merchants have a policy of not accepting starter check’s from customers they don’t know.

Starter checks are completely valid and can definitely be used to pay for utilities or rent.

Some starter checks don’t have check numbers which means the account holder has to fill it in and make sure not to repeat numbers. There’s no conflict in check numbers between starter checks and personalized checks when you decide to order some more.

You’re free to use your starter checks or you can decide to wait for your personalized checks to come in and use those instead.

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