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Free eFile on Federal Tax Extension with TaxAct

April 11th, 2009

taxactDid you know you can get an automatic 6 month extension on your taxes? if you’re reading this then you’ve probably run out of time to do your taxes by April 15th and are looking for more time. If you want a convenient way to get an automatic 6 month extension I recommend using TaxAct because they offer this service for free while a lot of their competitors will charge you for this simple service.

All you have to do is sign up for an account if you don’t already have one and they’ll let you file an extension for free. TaxAct is also a good option if your taxes aren’t too complicated or you really know what you’re doing. I used them to file my state and federal return and it was less than $14 which is a lot less than the $50 I paid at HR Block last year. From my experience with using HR Block I can say that they do offer more tips on how to get more deductions and exemptions. However, I already know all the deductions that apply to me from using their software in years past, so it wasn’t necessary for me to use them again. If your taxes are a more complicated than the normal person’s you might want to consider HR Block as their tips might save you more money on your taxes. If you’re taxes are pretty straight forward I’d go with Tax Act. Don’t forget to check out our tax saving tips.

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