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Different Accounting Careers

February 8th, 2010

Accounting careers are great for those that are good at math and are very analytical. There are several different types of accounting careers including tax accountants, auditors, actuaries, and budget analysts.

If you’re planning an accounting career then you should plan on working with numbers a lot, working in front of a computer, and going over budgets. Company auditors go over accounts and look for any wasted money or fraud. They make sure the numbers are accurate and try to make the company more financially efficient.

Budget analysts are similar to financial planners except instead of planning out a person’s financial life they plan out a company’s finances. This is a more challenging and large scale task and can be more rewarding.

A financial accountant analyzes financial ledgers and presents their findings. Their work can result in important financial business decisions.

Management accountants perform cost analysis for companies. They try to make companies more financially efficient and try to get the most bang for the company’s buck.

The most common accounting career is that of a tax accountant. Tax accountants prepare income tax returns for individuals and businesses. Everyone pays taxes so the demand for tax accountants is high. Tax accountants need to continually keep up with the latest tax laws in order to save their clients money on their returns.

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