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Man in the Browser Attack

February 1st, 2010

A man in the browser attack is a hack that can steal login information and financial account details. The attack uses Trojans and phishing techniques to gain access to a computer and steal the targets private information. The Trojan doesn’t interfere with the functioning on the computer so the user doesn’t know that his or her computer has been infected.

The Trojan can see into your web browser and can report back to the attacker your login information.

Traditional phishing techniques are usually in the form of an email and require you to click on a link but the man in the browser does everything behind the scenes on your computer. The man in the browser doesn’t interfere with any of your online capabilities.

The attacker can gain credit card numbers, internet banking logins, and bank account numbers. The victim of the attack may not be aware until they see fraudulent credit card charges or money missing from their checking account.

Trojans used in the man in the browser attack are hard to detect and hard to remove as well. Standard security measures may not be enough to detect if your computer has been detected. It helps to keep your virus software up to date.

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