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Heritage Bank 2.55% Interest Checking Account

May 24th, 2009

Heritage Bank is offering a 2.55% interest checking account for all balances. There are a few requirements however. You must make 10 check card purchases, one direct deposit, and receive e-statements every month. If these requirements aren’t met the interest rate falls to 0.1%. The account also comes with up to $25 in ATM reimbursements per month.

There’s no minimum balance requirement which is nice and there are no fees. The minimum opening deposit is $50. You can apply for an account online and this account is available nationally.

Heritage Bank is also offering their Heritage Direct Savings Account with a rate of 1.50% APY which isn’t all that competitive with other online savings accounts. Since there are no limits on their reward checking account you might want to keep a good chunk of change in that account.

Heritage Bank is based out of Minnesota and has a 3 out of 5 star soundness rating from bankrate. Heritage Bank is FDIC insured.

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