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First Trade Union Bank 3% 3 Year CD

August 4th, 2009

First Trade Union Bank is a consistent leader in offering high yield long term CDs. They’re currently offering a 3% APY 3 year CD, a 3.25% APY 4 year certificate of deposit and a 3.5% APY 5 year CD all with a low minimum deposit of $500. These rates are also available for some of the best IRA CD rates. If you’d like to visit their site click here. They also have online banking so you can keep tabs on your accounts.

You can open an account online which is very convenient. They also allow you to open your CD via an ACH transfer. You should be warned that these CDs come with an early withdrawal penalty of 1 years’ interest. So you should be sure you won’t need to touch any money you put into these CDs.

First Trade Union Bank also offers a pretty good savings account with a 2.06% APY for balances over $2,500, a very competitive rate in today’s market.

If you’d like to open an account in person First Trade Union Bank has branches in Massachusetts, New York and Rhode Island.

First Trade Union has a 3 out of 5 star soundness rating from bankrate and is FDIC insured. Find jumbo CD rates.

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