Melrose Credit Union 2.93% 5 Year CD

Melrose Credit Union is currently offering a 2.93% 5 year CD which is currently second best to Connexus Credit Union’s 3% 5 year rate, although Connexus requires you to open a checking account with them to get their CDs. Melrose is also offering a 2.42% APY 4 year CD and a 1.41% 1 year CD. The minimum deposit is $5,000 or $4,000 if you’re opening an IRA account. The early withdrawal penalty for CDs a year or over is 180 days of interest.

Melrose is open to membership from anybody and is located in Queens New York. They are insured by the NCUA and have a 4 out of 5 star soundness rating from bankrate. To leave your comments on Melrose go here: comments