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Third Federal Savings & Loan 4% 6 Year CD

February 23rd, 2009

Third Federal Savings & Loan is offering a 4% APY CD for a 6 year term. They’re also offering a 3.5% APY 5 year CD and a 3.25%% APY 4 year certificate of deposit. The minimum deposit is only $500.

The withdrawal penalty for CDs over a year at Third Federal is 180 days. This will be important if you get a 6 year CD and find a better rate, it may be mathematically advantageous to take the penalty if you end up getting a better deal in a couple years.

Third Federal has a four out of five star rating at bankrate.com for soundness. Third Federal don’t not get involved in risky lending unlike most other banks, so it is one of the more financially sound banks. Third Federal’s branches are located in Ohio and in South Florida, but you can open a CD online from any state. Third Federal is a FDIC insured bank.

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