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Broadway Federal Bank CD Rates

May 20th, 2010

Broadway Federal Bank is offering offering some competitive long term CD rates. They’re running an internet special for a 2 year CD with a 2.53% APY. You can fund your account via ACH transfer or check. In addition to this great online rate there’s also additional rates that are not available online. These can be opened either in a local branch or via mail. The rates are as follows: 3.56% APY for a 6 year CD, 3.05% APY for a 5 year CD, and 2.79% APY for a 3 or 4 year certificate of deposit. The minimum deposit on these accounts is $1,000.

After submitting the application you need to send in a copy of your driver’s license, but the rate locks when you submit your application which is good.

If you’d like to open an account in person Broadway Federal Bank has branches in Inglewood and Los Angeles, California.

Broadway Federal Bank has a 2 out of 5 soundness rating from bankrate and is FDIC insured. Find the highest jumbo CD rates at our site.

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