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BankUnited 2.75% APY 2 Year CD

June 30th, 2009

BankUnited is offering a 2.75% APY 2 year CD, a 3% APY 4 year certificate of deposit, a 2.10% APY 1 year CD, and a 1.75% APY 8 month CD. The minimum deposit for all CDs is $5,000. The early withdrawal penalty is 180 days’ interest for terms over a year.

This deal is available nationally, however the rate on the CD doesn’t lock until they send out a signature card and receive it back along with your initial deposit. You can only fund the account via check and you need to send a notarized letter in order to close the CD at maturity. You can receive funds via wire transfer once the CD reaches maturity.

BankUnited has branches in Florida and opening a CD in person is much easier. BankUnited was recently taken over by new owners so we have yet to see how the new owners are performing, but all funds are FDIC insured.

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