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Alliant Credit Union 2.90% 1 Year CD

April 2nd, 2009

Alliant Credit Union has lowered its rates for the month of April, but they still offer some of the best cash rates available on the market today. They’re currently offering 2.90% APY on their certificate of deposits for terms from 1 year to 23 months. They’re also offering 3.05% APY for 24-35 months, 3.5% APY for 35-47 months, and 3.75% APY on 4-5 year CDs.

The minimum deposit for their CDs is a pretty high threshold of $25,000. For a $1,000 minimum you can get CDs for .15% lower on all terms. These rates are also available for IRAs. Alliant is also offering 2.75% on their savings account and 2.5% on their reward checking account.

Alliant membership is open to local and national PTA members. There’s a $25 fee for the National PTA which is open to everyone. Local PTA options may be cheaper however. Alliant has been known to do hard credit pulls for those applying for membership, so ready for one if you’re applying.

Branches of Alliant are located in Colorado, California, Illinois, and Virginia. Alliant is federally insured by the NCUA.

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