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Acacia Federal Savings Bank 4.50% 5 Year CD

January 5th, 2009

Acacia Federal Savings Bank is offering a lot of competitive CDs including a 4.50% APY 5 year CD, a 4.10% APY 4 year CD and a 3.40% APY 15 month CD. The minimum deposit is very low at just $500.

Acacia has an easy online application and the offers on their certificates of deposit are available nationwide. The early withdrawal penalties are 6 months’ interest for 1-2 year CDs and 18 months’ interest for CDs that are 3+ years in length. Acacia has a 3 star rating from Bankrate which is a fair rating. Acia is FDIC insured.

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Credit Unions are currently the best place to get CD rates with Mountain America offering the best long-term rates with their 4.75% APY 5 year CD. For more information on the best rates take a look at my weekly banking summary. If you’re looking for a jumbo CD rate check our page on jumbo CDs.

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