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ING Direct Electric Orange $50 Checking Bonus

September 14th, 2009

ING Direct has ha $50 bonus to existing ING Direct customers for opening an Electric Orange Checking account. The promo code for this deal is: EM352 Here is their promo page.

In order to cash in on the $50 you must make 3 signature based purchases using your debit card in the first 45 days of opening your account.

If you’re not already an ING Direct you can open a savings account here, then go to the promo page for the online checking account and sign up for the bonus. It should be noted that ING does hard credit pulls when opening checking accounts.

The current yields on their checking account is 0.25% APY for under $50,000, 1.50% APY for $50,000 to $100,000 and 1.55% APY for over $100,000.

ING Direct has one of the easiest interfaces to use for online banking. If you’re having trouble opening a checking account, you might want to consider getting a second chance checking account.

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