FBOP Banks Free $160 Checking Account Promotion

FBOP subsidiary banks are offering a free $160 gift card bonus when you open a free checking account with them. They’re offering reward points for performing certain actions which can be traded in for gift cards, merchandise, or travel. You can gain up to 20,000 reward points in your first month. You get 5,000 points for performing an online bill payment, 5,000 points for signing up for direct deposit, and 10,000 points for 10 Visa check card signature purchases in the first 30 days of opening your account. The 20,000 points can be converted into a $160 gift card.

This promotion is available at all FBOP subsidiary banks which include Bank USA in Pheonix, Arizona, Cal National Bank in Los Angeles California, Citizens National Bank in Teague, Texas, Madisonville State Bank in Madisonville, Texas, North Houston Bank in Houston, Texas, Pacific National Bank in San Francisco, California, Park National Bank in Chicago, Illinois, and San Diego National Bank in San Diego, California. So basically if you live in Arizona, California, Illinois, or Texas you can participate in this promotion.